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An arc fault is not always easy to see, since it can occur in hidden places such as damaged cables, inside walls, a loose connection in a hidden junction box, or outlet sockets.

Arc fault fires: how they start

Very localised phenomena can cause an electrical fire. Check out this video to see how a loose wire in a standard multi-socket can arc and start a fire.

An AFDD’s Purpose

AFDDs fit into electrical switchboards alongside other protective equipment. When a fault is detected, the device immediately isolates the circuit, preventing ignition of flammable materials.

An AFDD detects the appearance of electric arcs that are responsible for starting fires. They are extremely sensitive, designed to sense and respond only to potentially dangerous arcs.

Learn how AFDDs protect homes

Discover new advancements in the field of arc fault detection and identify the critical application for arc fault breakers to enhance home safety in our complimentary guide.
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How to get support from your electrician

Schneider Electric AFDDs

Contact your electrician and find out more about the Schneider Electric AFDDs.

Electrical system safety

When designing a new construction site, consult with experts who can analyze electrical system safety requirements and can validate the design.

Audit existing sites

For renovation projects, audit existing sites to determine the level of deterioration in the core wiring systems.

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