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We help electricity companies become more reliable by helping them adapt to the challenges they face today. We allow them to face the tectonic shifts in the energy landscape, which are driven by increasing electricity demand, decarbonization (more renewables connected to the grid), decentralization (distributed energy resources), and digitization.

By the year 2040, annual global electricity consumption will be 70% higher than in 2015, according to International Energy Association (IEA) estimates. This staggering increase has left electric utilities around the globe seeking answers to some very difficult questions. How can almost twice as much electricity be consumed while still reducing fossil fuel emissions? And how must today’s power distribution systems evolve to meet this growing demand?

That’s where we come in. We help distribution utilities keep the grid reliable, available, efficient, secure, and resilient – while simultaneously undergoing a dramatic transformation: to become the orchestrators of distributed energy resources and to develop demand side services for new kinds of customers who are no longer passively consuming electricity but also generating their own.

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