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At Schneider Electric, we are building the future of power distribution to address our customers’ and partners’ business challenges, helping them transform and thrive in an All Electric and Digital World.

Our world is increasingly digital and electric, challenging how we manage every facet of our lives and businesses. From the perspective of Power Distribution, keeping building staff and occupants safe is a priority that cannot be compromised. Keeping businesses up and running is equally important: outages reduce profitability and can threaten an enterprise’s very existence. An environmentally conscious public expects – or even demands – energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives from its commercial neighbors. And safeguarding intellectual property, data, and assets from cyber risks demands ongoing vigilance.

Addressing these challenges inherent in the digital economy requires a transformation of the infrastructure that powers our buildings and facilities. Many organizations have a negative view of such a transformation. They think it will be costly, with zero benefit. Schneider Electric has a positive view of this digital transformation – and a different take on the “zero” outcomes that this transformation is said to produce.

We envision a New Electric World where building staff and occupants are safer, with zero electrical safety incidents. Where power is 100% available, with zero unplanned downtime. Where energy and operations are more efficient, with zero energy waste. And where operational systems are resilient, with zero cyber intrusions. We strive to make this vision a reality with our IoT-enabled EcoStruxure Power architecture and platform, which we deliver through our connected energy management ecosystem – a collective of partners and industry experts who are openly collaborating with us to push innovation, enhance productivity, reduce risk, and unlock new growth opportunities.

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