SEPAM Setting Software SFT2841 V17.2

The SFT2841 software is the setting and operating tool for Sepam series 20, Sepam|series 40, Sepam series 60 and Sepam series 80.|It may be used:|- prior to commissioning and without connection to Sepam, to prepare Sepam protection and parameter settings|- during commissioning, on a PC connected point-to-point to the Sepam front panel: to load, unload and modify Sepam protection and parameter settings and to obtain all measurements and useful information during commissioning|- during operation, on a PC connected to a set of Sepam relays via an E-LAN multipoint communication network in order to manage the protection system, to monitor the status of the electrical network and to run diagnostics on any incidents affecting the electrical network.||Compatibility with Microsoft® VISTA, XP Windows 7 (32/64) and XP Windows 10 (32/64)||Compatibility with all Sepam series.







setup_SFT2841_17.2.0.0 (.exe) 445.5 mb

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