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How to see real time values in an ION meter’s advanced module registers?

Published date: 12 February 2019

A user may require seeing real time values in an ION module registers.
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ION Setup
ION Setup
A user may require seeing real time values in the advanced ION module registers, instead of updating the values by re-clicking on the register tabs.
In ION Setup:
  1. Switch to advanced mode by holding down the Ctrl and left clicking on the mouse.
  2. Open the desired module folder, and navigate to the module.
  3. If prompted enter the meter’s password.
  4. Hold shift and left click on the Output Registers tab.  This will switch the module into value mode.
  5. By default, the registers are set to update by click only.​
  6. To change this right-click on the Output Registers tab and select the desired update interval. Available options are every second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and 30 Seconds. ​

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