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Are We Getting the Best Out of Our Bots? Co-Intelligence Between Robots and Humans

Successfully merging the use of AI with human interaction will drive increased success in industries

Are We Getting the Best Out of Our Bots? Co-Intelligence Between Robots and Humans

By Mike Hughes, Senior Vice President, End-to-End Digital Customer Relationship

The relationship between automation and employment has had a rocky past. With difficulties in navigating technology, anxiety about displacement of jobs, and the need for human-to-human interactions, questions concerning the integration of artificial intelligence into the workforce are far from being answered. And, after two years of remote work and reduced human interaction, the need for a personal customer experience is more valuable now than ever.

So how do organizations use tech and human interaction in tandem without losing that human touch? The answer is a combination of worker oversight and artificial intelligence support in streamlining and augmenting work practices. And while people must remain at the heart of thriving companies, automation will grow as a foundation for digital innovation.

Learn more about co-intelligence between robots and humans in this article first published in Forbes on July 14, 2022.

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