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Next generation food and beverage industries

How digitization accelerates agility and transparency for food and beverage industries


Keith Chambers

Next generation food and beverage industries

Digitization is reshaping the landscape for Food and Beverage businesses. Given current supply chain disruptions, as well as economic and environmental challenges, companies will remain competitive only by accelerating their digital transformation. In doing so, they can achieve a “net positive impact,” which will enable both supply chains to become more resilient as the company makes more profitable business decisions based on high-quality data.

Digital acceleration not only tackles efficiency but also resiliency, which includes sustainability programs within an enterprise. It enables companies to efficiently manage their entire supply and value chains, to better interact with their key stakeholders, and to differentiate their brand throughout the process. Such an approach involves the entire ecosystem of the business, and selecting the right technological partners is key.

Technological solutions are here to enable sustainability efficiency and business resiliency, empowering workforce and simplifying operations to master market complexity.

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