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Rethinking mining

Sustain your social license to operate with green mining

Rethinking mining

Mining plays a central role in ensuring socio-economic development. Access to energy, digitally enabled products, and infrastructure are all essential elements in our everyday lives. And all are enabled by the mining industry:

  • 933,000T of copper per year is mined for electrical uses today
  • 933,000T of copper per year is mined for electrical uses today
  • 1.6T of iron ore to produce 1T of steel used for bridges, railways, or buildings

But it’s time to rethink how mining companies can sustain their social license to operate. Creating a greener mining industry plays a key role in creating a low-carbon economy. One way we are helping this approach is by developing strategic and data-driven views of energy and carbon emissions – so mining companies can see where they are using and wasting resources. It’s about the power of information.

Find more facts and figures in our Mining, Metals & Minerals infographic.

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