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Buildings contribute an astonishing 37% of global CO2 emissions
With existing technologies, decarbonizing buildings while increasing resilience is achievable
The recent COP28 served as a wake-up call, urging the doubling of energy efficiency efforts and the tripling of renewable energy investments. Solutions already exist and technologies are readily available. While many solutions have been studied individually, their true potential lies in their combined impact.

Our findings

This study proposes a granular, simulation-based approach to decarbonizing the building sector. By leveraging readily available key technologies and energy pricing structures, we demonstrate a promising combination that offers:

  • Carbon abatement of 15%-80% across various building segments.

    Electrification of heating, readily available solar energy, and reduced energy consumption through smart controls contribute to substantial carbon emission reductions.

  • Significant annual energy savings for building owners and residents (up to 90%).

    Active energy efficiency optimizes heating, solar energy usage, and battery performance, leading to significant cost savings, especially with dynamic electricity pricing.

  • Minimal grid impact thanks to increased on-site electrification offset by digital energy efficiency and solar/battery combinations.

    Solar, batteries, and active energy management offset the increased electricity demand from heat pumps, minimizing strain on the grid. While the residential sector remains a concern, the situation is more favorable for commercial buildings,

  • A cost-effective solution for the rapid and successful decarbonization of buildings

    Deployed assets like solar, batteries, and active energy management systems can potentially generate additional revenue by participating in grid flexibility markets and providing services to system operators, where such opportunities exist.

Achieving the sustainability goals set by hundreds of global organizations demands bold action to reduce emissions and operate more sustainably. Join us in exploring powerful predictions and conclusions in this series, covering energy management, digital innovation, climate action, goal setting, and innovative financing mechanisms.

It is time to embrace sustainability as a business imperative and to capture the momentum now, for the future.

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