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Schneider Electric RHT428G Image


Schneider Electric RHT428G Image

on-delay timing relay with suppressor - 0.2..300 s - 4 C/O low level- 127V AC/DC

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Commercial status
Discontinued on 05 May 2016
End-of-service on 05 May 2016
RHT428G has not been replaced. Please contact your customer care center for more information.
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  • Main
    range of product
    Zelio Relay
    product or component type
    Plug-in relay
    Timing relay
    device short name
    contacts type and composition
    4 C/O
    contact operation
    Low level
    [Uc] control circuit voltage
    127 V AC/DC 50/60 Hz
    time delay type
    time delay range
    1.5...30 s
    15...300 s
    0.2...3 s
    [Ithe] conventional enclosed thermal current
    1 A 40 °C
    status LED
    control type
    Selector switch
    coil interference suppression
    [Ui] rated insulation voltage
    250 V
    operating position
    Any position
    minimum switching capacity
    50 mVA at 1 mA, 1 V
    contact bounce time
    <= 10 ms
    maximum voltage drop
    <100 V for 3 A at 24 V
    average resistance
    30 mOhm at 20 °C
    switching time
    1...3 ms AC for energisation/de-energisation
    0.5...6 ms AC for de-energisation/energisation
    1...4 ms DC for energisation/de-energisation
    1.2...4 ms DC for de-energisation/energisation
    average coil consumption
    2.5 W at 20 °C
    average coil consumption in VA
    2.9 at 20 °C
    control circuit voltage limits
    0.8...1.1 Uc conforming to IEC 60255
    mechanical durability
    20000000 cycles
    repeat accuracy
    +/- 1 %
    setting accuracy of time delay
    +/- 15 % of full scale
    reset time
    100 ms
    CAD overall width
    33 mm
    CAD overall height
    43 mm
    CAD overall depth
    108 mm
    terminals description ISO n°1
    net weight
    0.13 kg
    IEC 60255
    VDE 0435
    NF C 45-250
    product certifications
    protective treatment
    dielectric strength
    2500 V
    ambient air temperature for operation
    -5…40 °C conforming to IEC 60255
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -40…70 °C
    vibration resistance
    6 gn (f= 10…55 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6
    6 gn (f= 10…55 Hz) conforming to NF C 20-616
    shock resistance
    50 gn for 11 ms conforming to NF C 20-608
    immunity to microbreaks
    10 ms during time delay
    2 ms after time delay
    Packing Units
    Package 1 Weight
    0.001 kg
    Package 1 Height
    1.500 dm
    Package 1 width
    3.000 dm
    Package 1 Length
    4.000 dm
    Contractual warranty
    18 months
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