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    Say goodbye to paperwork

    With the digital logbook through the free EcoStruxure Facility Expert asset management app, contractors and panel builders can collaborate with documentation, anytime, anywhere.

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Toss the paper and deliver digitally

From construction to operation, EcoStruxture Facility Expert's digital logbook is the must-have asset management software and app for all phases of a building’s lifecycle.

  • Instant access

    Enjoy easy asset management with digital access to user manuals, single-line drawings, photos, factory and site acceptance tests, spare parts lists, and more.

  • Easy collaboration

    Identify key responsibilities and points of contact at different project stages. Create clear and consistent documentation, while eliminating conflicting or missing information.

  • Simple organization

    Get things organized and achieve a common goal easily, while sharing information with your partners across each stage of the lifecycle for optimal asset management.

How it works

The digital logbook allows contractors and panel builders to keep a record of important documentation and maintenance schedules, collaborating better and delivering with greater insights and cost savings. And once a building is operational, facility managers are able to optimize building performance, ensure business continuity and a safer environment for occupants while contractors and service providers can offer top-quality services to their customers.
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    After using EcoStruxure Power Commission to set up and test all the devices in your panel, create its unique QR code and export the data to EcoStruxure Facility Expert for access to historical information and immediate collaboration.

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    With EcoStruxure Facility Expert, the online community can now upload useful documents and information for the complete lifecycle of the equipment, including construction, installation and maintenance history.

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    Give your clients and/or facility managers' quick access to the convenient and up-to-date information of the tagged equipment via the QR code in EcoStruxure Facility Expert.

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    With EcoStruxure Power Commission, populate a primary maintenance plan. With EcoStruxure Facility Expert automatically access the primary maintenance plan, schedule operations and access the calendar functions.

  • Customer success story

    Watch how EcoStruxure Facility Expert enables Flückiger Electricité SA, a local leader of electrical maintenance in Switzerland, to successfully deliver reliable preventative maintenance services to their customers.

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  • EcoStruxure Power Commission

    The digital logbook can be initiated by a panel builder during switchboard construction using EcoStruxure Power Commission, our intuitive software for managing all the connected devices on your electrical panel.

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  • Unleash your business growth potential

    EcoXpert is an award-winning leader of excellence in partner programs, enabling partners to grow their business by becoming the trusted implementation arm of our EcoStruxure™ architecture and platform.

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  • Introducing EcoStruxure Power

    IOT-enabled solutions ready to improve every aspect of your power distribution system. EcoStruxure Power makes it easy for you to select, configure, and commission flexible and intelligent solutions.

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  • Think big. Partner up.

    The Schneider Electric Partner Program provides software, tools, and educational resources you can use to stay on top of the latest trends and ahead of the competition.

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