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Can an ATS22, ATS48, or ATS01 soft starter run a motor in forward and reverse direction?

Can the ATS22, ATS48, or ATS01 run a motor in forward and reverse?

Product Line:
ATS22, ATS48, and ATS01 soft starters.

All models, all serial numbers, Open style starters only.

Customer needs to run their motor forward and reverse with soft starter capability.  Wants to know if the soft starter itself can reverse the motor.

The open style soft starters can not reverse the motor.  Output phase rotation of the soft starter will be the same as the input phase rotation.   Therefore, the phase rotation will need to be reversed on either the input or output side of the soft starter, typically with a reversing contactor assembly.   Note that the Enclosed ATS22 and Enclosed ATS48 products have options for a reversing circuit installed from the factory.  See your local Schneider Electric distributor for price and availability information.

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