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Were the Easypact MVS ACB and Easypact CVS MCCB tested in the Prisma Plus switchboards?

Yes, Easypact MVS/CVS can be used in Prisma P panels while Easypact CVS can be used in either Prisma P or Prisma G panels. Please find attached test certificates mentioning the same. 

There is one condition we must consider in order to comply with the certification. We must use Masterpact NW front connectors for the connection of the Easypact MVS breaker to the vertical busbar. In doing so, all documents and recommendations applicable to Masterpact NW are appropriate for Easypact MVS as well except the breaking capacities (see attached declaration of conformity). Other considerations to follow are as follows: 
  1. NW's front plate and mounting plate to be used. 
  2. Panel builder to use NW's copper bus bar drawings. 
  3. Modularity similar to the one of NW.
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