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Where can I find the UL certificates for Compact NSX MCCBs, Compact NS MCCBs and Masterpact ACBs?

The answer will be provided in an orderly manner, first Compact NSX MCCBs, then Compact NS MCCBs and finally Masterpact ACBs.

1. The Compact NSX breakers are UL listed according to UL508 for Manual Motor Controllers in file E186495. The correct term when dealing with UL is "listed", not "certified". Now concerning UL489, it is rather a separate offer called Powerpact with Micrologic from Square D in US market. 

Please find the Compact NSX UL508 as well as the Powerpact UL489 certificate of compliances attached (refer to CoC UL508.pdf, Powerpact H and J - UL489 Certificate of Compliance.pdf and Powerpact L - UL489 Certificate of Compliance.pdf). This covers the entire spectrum of currents up to 630A. 

You can also check the UL Listed file on the Internation UL database via the following link:,+Manual&objid=1074107674&cfgid=1073741824&version=versionless&parent_id=1073990270&sequence=1

2. The Compact NS630b-1600 range MCCBs are not UL listed. 
If you need UL listed Compact NS >630A circuit breakers, you have to opt-to the Power pact M-frame, P-frame and R-frame ranges by Schneider Electric USA (Square D). Attached are the relevant UL Certificates for the same (Powerpact M - UL489 Certificate of Compliance.pdf, Powerpact P - UL489 Certificate of Compliance.pdf and Powerpact R - UL489 Certificate of Compliance.pdf) 

3. The Masterpact ACBs are UL489 and UL1066 listed as illustrated in the relevant two documents (refer to Masterpact NW - UL1066 Certificate of Compliance.pdf and Masterpact NW - UL489 Certificate of Compliance.pdf). 

You will find all the above mentioned documents in one attached compressed file (UL 
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