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How can we comply the specification requirement of transient over torque is 200%?

As per the catalog specification, if we select the heavy duty drive (ATV630 or ATV930) the maximum transient over current is 150%. 

But it is given if you used a motor with one power rating lower. For example, if the drive is a 15kW, to have 150% of over current, the motor used is maximum an 11kW (for standard power rating asynchronous motor). Otherwise, if you need for a 15kW motor, over current of 150% you have to used an 18.5kW drive (Pn+1).
In the case of 200% of over current, the principal is similar. I made an example in the excel file in attachment ("example drive selection.xlsx") and in that case drive have to be taken twice the power of the motor (Pn+2).
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