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Power management made simple

Transforming buildings from grey to green

Commercial facilities, industrial and public buildings consume over 60% of the world’s electricity and produce over half of all global carbon emissions. Power digitalisation transforms building operations and helps achieve a more sustainable future.

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What is power management?

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The power digitalisation process is based on the collection of energy usage, power quality, and electrical asset performance data.

There are many different types of devices, such as PowerTag wireless energy sensors, that measure energy consumption and make power measurements available via communication protocols.

Energy and Power Management System (EPMS) software is specifically designed to interrogate these types of devices across the local area network and collect energy and power information. This data serves as the foundation for EPMS software to further process and then present as actionable information via specialised energy and power management web applications.
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Digital energy and power management in action

Data Centres

Connect seamlessly to your electrical assets for a communicating layer of energy intelligence across your data centre. Monitor and analyse your entire distribution infrastructure – from the service entrance to the rack – to help you meet your financial and operational goals.

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EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert

Energy supply management software to help power-critical and energy-intensive facilities maximise uptime and operational efficiency.

EcoStruxure Power Operation

Energy supply management software for electro-intensive sites to maximise uptime and reliable power, 24/7.

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1. What is power management?   

Power management enhances power availability and reliability and ensures the supply of good power quality in critical power systems and buildings. In addition, power management systems help ensure efficiency and safety and the compliant operation of your power distribution systems.    

2. Why is a power management system necessary?    

As the electrical systems gradually become more complex, there has been an escalation in the need for power management systems. With multiple types of power load, convoluted distributed power sources, and facilities becoming even more critical, electrical systems are constantly being transformed with advanced technologies. All these complexities and criticalities emphasise the need for comprehensive monitoring so that you can stay on top of real-time data across your power distribution system. Power management systems help avoid electrical shocks, prevent fires, improve uptime by helping avoid unplanned outages, and more.     

3. Power management solutions by Schneider Electric   

Schneider Electric offers technically advanced and efficient energy power management solutions supported by retrofit and power management services and software. As part of our retrofit solutions, we offer power digitisation which plays a fundamental role in efficient facility operations and active energy management. Using power management software and smart devices as well as retrofitting electrical systems improves energy efficiency and reduces risk, making it a great investment. Moreover, devices like PowerTag wireless energy sensors measure energy consumption and make the data available through communication protocols. The energy and power management software and solutions are designed to interrogate such devices throughout the local area network and collect power and energy information.    

4. Power management software for today   

Today's power management software plays an integral role in efficient power management based on real-time data. Schneider Electric solutions are based on robust and IoT-based platforms such as EcoStruxure Power Design, which supports electrical supply design and calculation, EcoStruxure Power Operation, EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, and more.