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What file extensions are generated, and what do they mean, for each of the IEC61850 configuration files?

When creating the IEC61850 it creates different types of files.  What do they mean

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Communication setup

An IEC61850 configuration file will generate what is termed substation configuration language files, they are as follows:
1. ICD (Intelligent Capability description) or IED ( Intelligent Electronic Device) file
a. For each type of SEPAM device there is an ICD file. An ICD file describes all the functions and communication data available for the SEPAM.

2. CID (Configured IED Description) file
a. For every configured SEPAM or ECI850 device there is a CID file. It describes the operating IEC61850 configuration of the device.
b. A CID file is created when a device is configured with the configuration tool. The CID file is then loaded into the device to configure it. A CID file for an ECI850 contains configuration information for all the SEPAM devices to which it is connected.

3. SCD ( Substation Configuration Description)
a. An IEC61850 substation automation system has an SCD file. An SCD file contains configuration data for the IEC61850 system and the communication configuration settings for all related IEC61850 devices.

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