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Are 8502/8536 Starters available with Transient Suppression ?

Published date: 13 May 2020

Transient surge suppression options for the Class 8502/8536 contactors and starters.

Product Line:
Nema Type S Contactors and Starters

North American Products

Yes, this is available on NEMA size 00 through NEMA size 5.  Must be for 120 volt control coils only.
To obtain as factory modification use Form Y145; except size 5 (see note below).

For field installation order from below based on device to be used with.
For Sizes 00 through 2; order 9999ST1.
For Sizes 3 through 5; order 9999ST2.

Note: Current production of NEMA size 5 is Series B which provides an electronic control coil and suppression is not needed. Information provided is for reference to Series A NEMA size 5 units. Addition of suppressor on Series B NEMA size 5 device will not adversely affect the coil performance. Additionally, NEMA sizes 6 & 7 devices are supplied with electronic control module that provide built in suppression.

This applies to Classes 8536, 8538, 8539, 8606, 8630, 8640, 8702, 8736, 8738, 8739, 8810 devices.
For enclosed devices, the series information is based on device and not enclosure nameplate.


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