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What unit is the current replacement for the obsolete VSD07, ATV11, ATV16, ATV58, ATV66, ATV61, ATV71 drives?

Published date: 11 September 2020

What Drive replaces the obsolete VSD07, VSD17, ATV11, ATV16, ATV58, ATV66, ATV61, ATV71 drives?

Product Line: 
Obsolete Altivar drive families VSD07 VSD17 ATV11 ATV16 ATV58 ATV66 ATV61 ATV71

All models and serial numbers.

Confirm the application, the voltage and the motor amperage ratings:
VSD07, ATV11, ATV16
For the 120 single phase input, select from the Altivar 12 Machine drives.  For 208 to 230V single and 3-phase input, see the Altivar 12 or Altivar ATV320 Machine drives for possible selection.
For the 460 VAC ratings, select from the Altivar 320 Machine drives.
See the online selector tool:

Consider the Altivar 600 or Altivar 900 Process drives depending on the application.  Possibly for simpler applications can look at the Altivar 212 (208-240/460V up to 100HP), Altivar 320 (208-230/460V up to 20HP) or Altivar 340 drives (480V only, up to 125HP).  Anything above 125HP would have to use the Altivar Process, 600 or 900 series. 

See the online selector tool:

NOTE:  For any drive selection, compare dimensions and ratings to be sure that the replacement drive will meet the application requirements.  Wiring, mounting and programming will be different. See the  Installation, Programming or User Manual for the drive family selected for details on installation and programming.   

Your local Product Application Engineer (contacted by distributor) may need to be consulted to determine whether configuration changes need to be made to existing wiring, etc... when implementing a replacement drive.  You can also use the online Self Help tools:  See the online selector tool:

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