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Video: Where do you find the fault history on the ATV21 and ATV212 drives?

Published date: 26 February 2020

Video: Fault history on the ATV21 and ATV212 drives.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV21 and ATV212


Fault history showing last the last 4 faults.

Fault history on the ATV212 can be displayed in the Monitor menu. The drive will retain the last four faults.

Perform the following steps:
On the drive itself:
Press the Mode button until you see "Fr-F" (do not press enter)
Press the down arrow 4 times, the display will flash the number "4" then shows the error code.  If no error, it will show "nErr" 3, then press the down arrow again to show error number "3".
Repeat steps 2 and 3 above to display errors 2 and 1.

When using the remote keypad (VW3A1101):
Press the ESC button until you see "Fr-F" (do not press enter) 
Arrow clockwise or counter clockwise until you see the last faults.

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