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How to change the display on an ATV212 drive to show 0-100% instead of 0-60hz range?

Changing the display on an ATV212 drive to show 0-100% instead of 0-60hz range.

Product line:
Altivar 21, Altivar 212, ATV21, ATV212, S-Flex

All models and all serial numbers.

The drive originally is setup to output Hz on the main screen.

In order to display a percentage value instead of Hz:
  1. From '0.0' or 'OFF' (whichever your drive may display while waiting for run command), press the Mode button once until you see 'AUF'
  2. Press the down arrow button until you see the F--- submenu and press ENT
  3. Hold down the down arrow until you see F702 and press ENT
  4. Provide a value of 1.67 to convert 60 Hz to 100 percent.
  5. Press ENT again to save the change
  6. Press Mode a couple times until you're back out to '0.0' or 'OFF'
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