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Video: How do you wire the ATS22 with S6U suffix, for 2-wire control?

Published date: 16 March 2020

Wiring the ATS22 with S6U suffix, for 2-wire control.

.Product Line:
Altistart 22

All Altistart 22's ending with S6U suffix (120V)

Basic wiring examples


The S6U requires constant 120VAC to terminals CL1 (hot) and CL2 (neutral). 

For a freewheel stop:
Connect a jumper from Terminal LI1 to LI2.  
Connect a jumper from Terminal CL2 to COM.
Close a dry contact between Terminals CL1 and LI2 for a run forward.  Open this connection for a freewheel stop. 

For a controlled stop:
Do not jumper LI1 to LI2, wire LI1 to CL1, use run contact between CL1 and LI2, and program SEt - dEC = ramp down time.

Note: The factory default setting for the dEC parameter is 'free'. Leaving this parameter set to 'free' will provide a freewheel stop, regardless of which way LI1 and LI2 are wired. (This is why the Quick Start Guide shows a wiring diagram similar to the one above and indicates that it allows a freewheel stop.) Conversely, removing voltage from LI1 will result in a freewheel stop, regardless of the value set for dEC. In other words, a freewheel stop can be accomplished by wiring and/or programming. 

Refer to the ATS22 User manual, ATS22 Quick Start Guide, or the Quick Start Annex for more information.

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