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How To Import Long Comments from a ProWORX NxT project into a ProWORX 32 project

How to import long comments from a ProWORX NxT project into a ProWORX 32 project.

Product Line
ProWORX 32

Windows 7, Windows 10


  • Open the 'ProWORX 32' project.
  • Export the Documentation to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Open the Excel spreadsheet that the Documentation was exported to.
  • Locate the sheet labeled 'LONG COMMENTS' and click on the tab to open it.
· Select all of the cells in the Long Comments sheet and delete them. (The existing comments are
deleted because it is easier to start with a fresh column rather than trying to determine what is

  • Select and highlight the B column
  • Click on Format\Cells.
  • Click on the Number tab and set the category to 'General' by clicking on it.

  • Click on the 'Alignment' tab and select the 'Wrap Text' checkbox.
  • Click on the OK button to close the 'Format Cells' window.

  • Locate the file with the .CML extension in the 'ProWORX NxT' database folder and make a copy of it.

  • Open the copy of the .CML file which contains the comments for the ProWORX NxT project.
  • Locate the first comment.
  • Highlight it and cut it to the paste buffer by right clicking and selecting cut. The comment is being cut and pasted because
this makes it easier to keep track of.
  • Select the next open cell in column 'B' on the spreadsheet
  • Right click on the formula bar and select paste to paste the comments from the paste buffer.
  • Hit the Enter key on the keyboard.

  • Add the comment number in column A for the comment
(Note: The comment number must be preceeded by a hyphen - )
  • Repeat the cut and paste process for the next comment,
  • Save the changes to the spreadsheet.
  • Switch back to ProWORX 32
  • Right click on the project name
  • Select Import Documentation\Overlay.

If there are multiple registers that use the same Long Comment you will need to edit the 0xxxx worksheet
to include them before importing the Documentation.

The easiest way to determine what registers are associated with the same comments is by looking at the
exported ProWORX NxT project in ASCII format. To export the project:
  • Click on File\Utilities\Import /Export in ProWORX NxT

  • Click on the Export radio button in the 'Import /Export Utilities' window.
  • Click on the ProWORX/ASCII .FIL File button.
  • Type in a filename for the .FIL file.
  • Click on the 'Start' button.

  • Open the exported .FIL file using Microsoft Excel to
  • Scroll down to find the register number .

The register number will be listed in column 'A'
The Long Comment number will be listed in column 'B' next tot he text <L>|
(i.e., <L>| 314| indicates that comment 314 is associated with register 006420.

· Click on the tab labeled 0XXXXX in the worksheet of the exported ProWORX 32 Documentation

Highlight the first row
Select Window\Freeze Panes to have the column heading displayed as you scroll through the spreadsheet.

Scroll down and locate the register (i.e., 006420)
  • Scroll across horizontally using the slide bar until you can see the Long Comment column.
  • Type in the comment number for the register.
  • Save the changes
  • Import the documentation back into the ProWORX 32 project.


Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL180618 V1.0, Originally authored by AlCh on 11/29/2006, Last Edited by AlCh on 11/29/2006
Related ranges: ProWORX
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