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'Performance Counter is disabled' message gets returned when starting the Advantys Configuration Software

'Performance Counter is disabled' message gets returned when starting of the Advantys Configuration Software

Product Line
All versions of Advantys Configuration Software

Windows 7

The reason why the error is being returned is due to one of the services that the Advantys
Configuration Software requires, does not have the performance counters enabled. It is a
Microsoft Windows registry related issue..

Performance counters are part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. They are used to provide
information as to how well the operating system or an application, service, or driver is performing.
The counter data is used to help determine bottlenecks in the operating system. It is also used for
fine-tuning the operating system and application performance. The performance counter are
pre-defined during the installation of the operating system and it's services. (This requires full
administrative access to the registry.) The installation or updates of the software components with
Microsoft patches, hot fixes could include new additional services and performance counters.
Newer services or updates of the registry could also accompany the installation of any software.

Usually on a 64 bit Windows XP operating system, all the performance counters are disabled by
default. If you are trying to run the software on a 64 bit Windows XP operating system, the error would
be returned.(The Advantys Configuration Software is not supported on a 64 bit Windows operating

Anything (i.e., firewall settings, not logged in as an administrator, etc.) blocking the access to the registry
could prevent the performance counters from being properly configured in the registry.

In a manner that is similar to all software developed for Windows by any third party, the 'Advantys
Configuration Software' uses a lot of standard pre-installed Microsoft components. Since these
components rely on specific services within the operating system, it is very difficult to determine
which service the error is related to.

To resolve the issue, the user can try:

  • Uninstalling the software.
  • Cleaning the registry.
  • Re-installing the 'Advantys Configuration Software'.

Note: User must be logged in as an administrator before installing the software.

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