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How to use a HSBY CPU 140CPU67160 as stand-alone?

Published date: 14 February 2020

Goals and Symptoms

How to use a HSBY CPU 140CPU67160 as stand-alone?

Causes and Fixes

To use a 140CPU67160 as a stand-alone, it is mandatory to plug in at least one CRP.

If a 140CPU67160 is used as stand-alone without a CRP module it is not possible to achieve Run Primary. If running as Run Offline, communication blocks may not function and modules such as the NOE will offset the configured IP-Address to +1

If the configuration has Remote IO drops configured, at least one healthy CRA drop must be present for Run Primary.
If the configuration does not have any Remote IO drops mapped, no CRA drop hardware is needed. ***

***Original versions of the firmware required at least one CRA drop, the middle run of firmware added a check box for 'No RIO' and finally the latest versions did not require CRAs as long as no drops were not mapped.


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