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ION_Data Maintenance Job Fails

An error like the one below appears in the System Log Events for ION_Data database:

System Log Error: 1/14/2020 2:01:48 AM - Source: Database Maintenance Task, Description: An error occurred during the execution of the Maintenance task for ION_Data: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.PowerShell.SqlPowerShellSqlExecutionException: Insufficient space is available on D: drive to execute the requested task. The system database tempdb must be able to grow to 83654.45 MB to complete the requested task.

Product Line
ION Enterprise
Struxureware Power Monitoring
Power Monitoring Expert

Windows Task Scheduler

The scheduled maintenance job for the ION_Data database fails due to insufficient space on the drive that the tempdb is on.

Free up space on the drive with the tempdb to allow it to grow to the size of the ION_Data database.

Alternatively, move tempdb to a location where there is sufficient space. See FA219030 for instructions on how to do this.