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Inconsistent Setup Error on ION8650 Meters due to network settings inconsistencies

Published date: 08 June 2020

The Network Setup parameters for IP address and Subnet are interdependent. ION 8xxx meters will give an Inconsistent Setup error if these two parameters are not set correctly. This error will also occur if the Gateway IP address is not correct

ION8650 network setup

There are two main causes:

  1. The IP address and the Subnet are not in the same class. IP addresses are classed based on the first octet of the address.
    • Class A 1-126

      Class B 128-191

      Class C 192-223

Example: is a class C IP address.

      2. Gateway IP address is not correct. Example, the meter IP address is and Gateway is set to


The subnets should be chosen to match the class of the IP address.

    • Class A

      Class B

      Class C

It is possible to use a Subnet that is greater than the minimum values listed above. However, it would be inconsistent to use a Subnet lower than those values.


Right IP Subnet

Right IP Subnet

Wrong IP Subnet

If the IP address and Subnet mask are correct as above. Then check Gateway IP, it should match with the first two octets of the meter IP address. 

Example: if meter IP is, then Gateway IP should be 192.168. X.Y



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