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How are preset speeds set up on the ATV312 drive?

Preset speeds on the ATV312 drive.

Product Line:
Altivar 312


Preset speeds

Preset speeds can be assigned by the Logic Inputs, or via Communication networks.  Program the drive for Preset Speeds using SoMove or by navigating the display built into the drive.  The programming manual section on Preset Speeds is attached for reference. 

Logic inputs
RdY-- > Fun- > PSS- > PS2 = LIx.  Change the value of PS2 to the Logic input you want to use to trigger the Preset Speed.  Here “x” refers to the available logic inputs number. When this particular “LIx” is ON, the drive will run to SP2 speed value (preset speed 2).  For example, if you assign PS2 = LI3, when LI3 input is closed the drive will go to Preset Speed 2 (SP2 value entered). 

Similarly, PS4, PS8 and PS16 can also be assigned to other Logic inputs to activate 4, 8 or 16 preset speeds operation respectively.  Preset speeds, SP2 – SP16 can be found under “Fun- > PSS- ” menu using the Jog dial on the drive.   Consult the Preset speed chart in the Programming Manual for how to use the different preset values. 

Communication networks
RdY--> CtL > LAC = L3
Assign any one bit from bit 11th to 15th of control word of particular communication network being used on which ATV312 is being used to preset Speeds (PS2, PS4, PS8 or PS16). Communication network could be one out of Modbus, CANOpen, DeviceNet or Profibus. When assigned bit of control word is HIGH, corresponding preset speed function (PS2, PS4, PS* or PS16) will be activated and accordingly SP2 to SP16 will come into effect.

The drive still needs the run command in order to execute Preset Speeds.  Closing the Preset Speed input is only providing the Reference (Speed value).  The drive also needs the Command (run forward/reverse) at the same time.  To use the Logic inputs, close the Run command on LI1 to 24V terminals. 

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