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What is the default username and password for ION/SPM/PME components?

Published date: 12 June 2020

What is the login credentials for ION/SPM/PME components

Product Line
ION Enterprise 
StruxureWare Power Monitoring
Power Monitoring Expert

Schneider Electric Power Monitoring Software Applications

User may not know the default login credentials

Note: At version 7.2 and later, there are no longer default user passwords for PME. During installation the password for supervisor user is configurable.

Enter one of the default username and passwords into required fields of each system component. 

Username: supervisor
Password 0


Username: guest
Password: 0

The access level for the default usernames are:
Software Version Username Access Level
ION 5.x supervisor Supervisor
ION 5.x guest Supervisor
ION 6.x supervisor Supervisor
ION 6.x guest Supervisor
SPM 7.x supervisor Supervisor
SPM 7.x guest Observer

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