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What is the state of the ATS48 Fault relay for various conditions?

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State of the ATS48 Fault relay contact for the following conditions

Product Line:
Altistart ATS48

All models


Relay R1 functions as a fault relay on terminals R1A-R1C when Menu IO, parameter r1 = r1F.
It is a normally open contact.

Control power not applied to CL1-CL2,  contact is OPEN
Control power applied and no fault,  contact is CLOSED
ATS48  detects a fault,  contact is OPEN

Note special case where Automatic Restart is active, Menu PrO, parameter ArS = ON.  When an Auto-Reset condition is detected, the R1 contact will remain CLOSED until all restart attempts are completed. If the fault remains after the last attempt, then the R1 contact will OPEN.

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