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What are the Com'X 200 and EBX200 I/O capabilities?

Published date: 17 June 2020

What are the Com'X 200 and EBX200 I/O capabilities?

Product Line
Com'X 200, EBX200
Energy Servers and Ethernet Gateways

A user requires information about the Com'X 200 I/O capabilities.

Located on the device are the following digital and analog I/O ports.

Digital I/O:
input   - 6
output - 0

Analog I/O:
input   - 2
output - 0

Both digital and analog I/O can be powered by the Com'X 200 or by an external source.

Below are the I/O architecture interfaces, characteristics, and limits.

KYZ metering can be set up as a Digital input.
Reference the Com'X 200 installation guide (DOCA0035EN-01) and user guide (DOCA0036EN-01) for more details.

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