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Does PM5000 series supports High leg Delta wiring?

Published date: 23 June 2020

Customer wants to know if the PM5000 series can be wired as high leg delta or not?

Product line
PM5110, PM5330, PM5340, PM5560, PM5563

Application requires the installation of a power meter or replacement existing meter in a high leg delta system.

Yes, PM5000 series can be wired as a high leg delta with the system type as 3-phase 4-wire center-tapped delta. 
In addition, the PM5000 series meter can be set to 3-phase 4-wire open center-tapped delta in a case of a three-phase load is small relative to the total load.
In this case, two indicidual transformers may be used instead of the three for a "full delta" or a three-phase transformer. 

The PM5000 series can support all the power system listed below in table. For the wiring diagram, refer to the installation guide for each model of PM5000 series.
Meter Setting Power System Description
Single-phase 2-wire line-to-neutral
Single-phase 2-wire line-to-line
1PH3W LL with N
Single-phase 3-wire line-to-line with neutral
3PH3W Dlt Ungnd
3-phase 3-wire ungrounded delta
3PH3W Dlt Crnr Gnd
3-phase 3-wire corner grounded delta
3PH3W Wye Ungnd
3-phase 3-wire ungrounded wye
3PH3W Wye Gnd
3-phase 3-wire grounded wye
3PH3W Wye Res Gnd
3-phase 3-wire resistance-grounded wye
3PH4W Opn Dlt Ctr Tp
3-phase 4-wire center-tapped open delta
3PH4W Dlt Ctr Tp
3-phase 4-wire center-tapped delta
3PH4W Wye Ungnd
3-phase 4-wire ungrounded wye
3PH4W Wye Gnd
3-phase 4-wire grounded wye
3PH4W Wye Res Gnd
3-phase 4-wire resistance-grounded wye

See attached document for system type descriptions. 

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