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Power Monitoring Expert - How can I get Reports to work with newer versions of Chrome (version 37 and newer)?

Web reporter is no longer functional in Chrome (and soon to be FireFox) due to Reporters use of the deprecated Dialog window logic. This affects 7.2.3 obviously, but more importantly this has just gone live in the field for users using Chrome on PME 7.2.0+. There may be a delay, as not all users "auto-update" chrome daily.
Once Chrome updates, users cannot perform the following in Web Reporter:
- Generate new reports that require inputs
- Select Sources/Measurements
- Open any custom report dialog (i.e. Rate Configuration, EN50160 Inputs, etc)
- Upload report packs/reports
- Save/manage reports
- Configure subscriptions
Once Chrome updates, users can perform the following in Web Reporter:
- Run previously saved reports (but cannot make any setting changes

See attached document for instructions on how to work around this problem.

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EnablingDeprecatedWebFeaturesInGoogleChrome.docxEnablingDeprecatedWebFeaturesInGoogleChrome.docx [441.18 KB]
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