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How can you share symbols between a SoMachine Basic Project and a Vijeo-Designer Project ?

Published date: 29 June 2020

Before sharing the symbols with a Vijeo-Designer project, verify that all symbols that you want to share are defined in the SoMachine Basic project. If not, create/open a project in SoMachine Basic, define the symbol names, and save the product.
Follow these steps to share SoMachine Basic symbols with a Vijeo-Designer project:
Start Vijeo-Designer.
Create/open a project in Vijeo-Designer.
Click the Project tab in the Navigator window, right-click IO Manager and select New Driver... Insert.
Result: The New Driver window opens.
Select a driver from the Driver list, select an equipment from the Equipment list, and click OK.
For example:
  • Driver: Modbus TCP/IP
  • Equipment: Modbus Equipment
Result: The Equipment Configuration window opens.
Enter the details for each parameter and click OK. For example, IP Address, Unit ID, IP Protocol, and so on. Make sure you check "IEC61131 Syntax" checkbox
Result: A new driver is created to open the communication with the controller. The selected driver and the selected equipment appear under the IO Manager node in the Project tab of the Navigator window.
In the Vijeo-Designer menu bar, click Variable → Link Variables.
Result: The Link Variable window opens.
Select the Files of type filter to SoMachine Basic project files (*.SMBP) and select the Equipment filter to the driver that you have created for communication.
Select the SoMachine Basic project in which you have defined the symbols and click Open.
Result: All the symbols are automatically extracted from the project and linked to the driver that you have created.
Select the variables that you want to use and add them to your HMI application.
Result: All the variables with same names as symbols are added in the list of available variables. The variable list appears under the Variables node in the Project tab of the Navigator window.

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