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What components of the ATS48 are conformal coated in the standard unit and is there an option available for additional conformal coating?

Published date: 15 June 2020

ATS48 conformal coated components

Product Line:
ATS48 series soft starts

All models of ATS48 and ATS48XXXXXS338

Information not available in current literature.


Standard ATS48 version has:
- most of the elements of control board coated (except relays, display, some capacitors)
- some of the elements (IC's and others) of power board coated.
This standard coating makes the ATS48 conformed to the environment standard: IEC 60664-1, Pollution Degree 3.
These unit are available in the United States

Special ATS48 version (you can order it by the reference with S338 at the end, ex.: ATS48C25YS338 ) has:
- enforced conformal coating.
This special ATS48xxxxS338 version conforms to: IEC60721-3-3 class 3C1 for aggressive ambience.
These units has NOT been released for sale in the United States

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