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What are the character limitations of Advanced Meter Security passwords?

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ION Setup, ION8300, ION8400, ION8500, ION8600, ION8650, ION7650, ION7550
ION9000, ION7400, PM8000

Advanced Meter Security

Passwords containing numeric only characters can be a maximum of 8 characters in length.

Passwords containing non-numeric characters can be a maximum of 6 characters in length.

Note: The passwords should not contain any characters from the extended ascii table, such as accented letters, or characters from languages other than English.

Restrictions and password requirements for authentication on ION meters.

1. Numeric (0 - 99999999); The password may have a length of up to 8 numerical digits only.

2. No spaces are permitted.

3. No leading zeros followed by other numerical digits.

4. Valid ASCII characters only.

5. Passwords that are alpha, alphanumeric and/or includes symbols are limited to 6 characters only.

Valid examples of ION meter passwords:

User1 password: 0  (zero)

User2 password: 12345678 (this is the longest allowed numeric password at 8 digits)

User3 password: 0A123  (old alphanumeric style)

User4 password: #A134  (new style with non-alphanumeric character)

User5 password: 01234$  (looks numeric but has additional non-numeric character)

User6 password: A^@g5  (strongest possible with upper/lower case, symbols and numeric digits)

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