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Is the ATV630 (or ATV930) Process drive available with 1 phase input and 3 phase output?

Published date: 14 May 2020

Are the Process drives available with single phase input and 3 phase output?

Product Line:
Altivar 630
Altivar 930


Wants to know if the ATV630 Process drive is offered in 1 phase input 3 phase output. 

The ATV630 is now approved (Sept. 2018)  for some single phase input, 3 phase output applications. 
See the updated Annex to the Getting Started with Altivar Process ATV600 document below:

This document lists models for 240V and 480V Pump applications.
Note: Do not use D55M3 and D75M3 for 1-phase application.

At this time, no ATV900 Process drives are approved for single phase supply.  They are designed strictly for 3 phase input power to run a 3 phase motor.

The ATV900 series may be used in conjunction with a 3rd party input bridge from a company like Bonitron (
Contact Bonitron directly for assistance.

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