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How do you set up the damper control on the enclosed S-Flex ATV212 Drive?

Setting up the damper control on the enclosed S-Flex ATV212 Drive

Product Line:
S-Flex ATV212 with bypass


Wants to wire in a damper control circuit to allow the damper to open before running the motor thru the drive.

Step #1 Customer commands the drive to run by closing terminals (5-6) auto start. (Drive will not start at this time or until damper is opened)

Step #2 Closing the auto start terminals  (5-6) will energize the RPR relay which will close user contacts (19-20) to start damper solenoid coil.

Step #3 Damper solenoid will start to open damper.

Step# 4 Once the damper is open the customer will need to provide a end of damper feedback limit switch.

Step #5 Remove the jumper from terminals (3-4) and wire your end of damper feedback dry NO contact to terminal (3-4).

Please note that this damper function will only work in the remote control mode by closing contacts (5-6) and not the local mode run button on the face of the drive.

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