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ION 7650/7550 or ION 8650 meter displays error V NegSeqMag Voltage Unbalance Count N1 limit exceeded

User observes a number of error messages from the meter related to V NegSeqMag with Voltage Unbalance Count N1 limit exceeded

ION 7650 and 8650 meter

Power Monitoring Expert (PME), StruxureWare Power Monitoring (SPM), ION Setup

The events are coming from the Signal Limit Evaluation Module. Every 10 minutes the module will evaluate the Source and Nominal inputs and increment the Valid or Invalid outputs. Only the Invalid outputs are incrementing which is triggering the events. The root cause is the Phase rotation setting in the meter does not match the physical system.

Change the phase order setup register

In ION Setup
1) Connect to the meter 
2) Place the meter in Advanced configuration mode (refer to ION Setup help for more information if required)
3) Select the power meter modules folder
4) Double click on the Power Meter Module
5) Under setup registers, change the setup register PhaseOrder to match the system. Options are either ABC or ACB.
6) Send changes to the meter
7) Close ION Setup

In Designer
1) Open the meter node in Designer
2) Navigate to the Power Meter Module
3) Right click on the module to enter setup window
4) Under the setup registers modify the PhaseOrder register to match the system
5) Close the meter node inside designer then close designer
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