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Can I reset the ATV600 or ATV900 Process Drive without cycling power to it?

How to reboot the drive without having to cycle power?

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All Models, All serial numbers

Restart to clear errors or load new communication parameter settings usually requires a power cycle.

If connected via a network; you can write a value of 21072 to address 1500. It will reboot the drive as if it had been power cycled.

If connected to the drive via SoMove you can go to the Device menu and select Restart Device.

You can also use the HMI to do this by going to Complete Settings - Error/Warning Handling - and change the Product Restart (rP) to YES and press and hold the OK button for 2 seconds.

Also, a digital input can be assigned to perform this by setting the Prod Restart Assign (rPA) to one of the DI's in the same menu as above.

NOTE:  The Product Restart and Prod Restart Assign parameters are only available if the Access Level has been set to Expert.
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