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What is Macro Configuration on the Altivar 6xx Process Drive?

Published date: 19 June 2020

Macro Configuration on the Altivar 6xx Process Drive.

Product Line:
Altivar 6xx Process Drive

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[Complete settings] [Macro configuration]

This menu allows to select an application type
●The target is to display only parameters and menus useful for the selected application.
●The application type selection should be done prior to the application settings
●Partial factory settings in case of modification.

●Applications available are: 
- Generic Pump Control  (default fault setting)
      For Generic Pump Function controls like PID regulator, Sleep Wake Up, etc...

- Pump Level Control 
      Turns on Level Control functions - [Complete settings] [Pump functions] [Level control]
      The aim of the level control function is to operate:
         Filling operation
         Emptying operation
      This function offers a random level functionality by changing the start and stop level after each operation
         (at the end of filling or emptying operation) in order to start and stop the next filling or emptying operation
         from different levels.
      The level control function can be used for single pump or multi-pump architecture.
- Pump Booster Control
     Turns on Booster Control functions - [Complete settings] [Pump functions] [Booster control]
      The aim of the booster control function is to maintain the desired pressure at the outlet of the pumps
         according to the demand by:
      Managing the velocity of the variable speed pump connected to the drive.
      Staging/De-staging the auxiliary fixed speed pumps
 - Generic Fan Control
      Turns on Fan Control functions - [Complete settings] [Fan]
      For Generic Fan Control functions like Fan PID controller, feedback, etc...

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