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Why am I having issues connecting SoMove to an Altivar Drive or Altistart Soft Starter?

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SoMove Troubleshooting: Cannot Connect to SoMove using an Altivar Drive

Product Line:
Altivar Drive (ATV61, ATV71)
Altivar Machine Drive (ATV12, ATV31, ATV312, ATV32, ATV320, ATV340)
Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930, ATV650, ATV950, ATV660, ATV960, ATV680, ATV980)
Altivar Building Drive (ATV212)
Altistart Soft-Starters (ATS22, ATS48, ATS480)

All serial numbers for AC Drive or Softstarter

Trying to connect to SoMove but cannot


Basic Checks
  • Check SoMove Version and DTMs
    • Make sure the latest version is downloaded and installed along with DTM files. The latest version of SoMove and the DTM libraries can be downloaded from here
    • Verify the DTM's are installed in SoMove by clicking on the link List the device software installed on this PC at the top right of the SoMove home screen and confirm the proper DTM is listed.  If DTM's were recently installed, click the Update Catalog button to initiate a search of the PC.
    • d
  • Check to make sure the Drive or Soft-Starter is compatible
    • If there is no DTM library, the product is not compatible.

Using Modbus Serial Cable (TCSMCNAM3M002P) to connect to SoMove:
  • On your Drive/Softstart:
    • Check wiring - verify power is present.  Display and/or LED's should be on.
      • Use Schneider Electric cable only (TCSMCNAM3M002P) Other cables are not tested/approved and Schneider can not assist with troubleshooting related to an unsupported cable.
      • Check to make sure you are connected to the correct ports on the drive/softstart. Ports to use are
        • Modbus HMI (keypad port)
        • Modbus or Modbus/CanOpen for those devices equipped with one
        • Do not connect the TCSMCNAM3M002P cable to Ethernet or any other ports
        • Verify the cable is recognized as a COM port in Device Manager and check the Properties to confirm it is working properly (if it is not working properly, document the Code shown as that will assist further troubleshooting).
        • d
  • On your PC:
    • Verify Modbus Drivers are installed
      • go to your Start then go to All Programs and then Schneider Electric folder
      • Click on Communication Drivers and then Driver Manager
      • Under SCHNEIDER Drivers Management Properties - Drivers Manager tab
        • Check and make sure MODBUS driver is installed
        • If no drivers are found then reinstall SoMove (be sure the USB cable is not connected to the PC during install and that you have Admin access on the PC)
    • Check Modbus Serial settings on PC
      • On task bar right click on Schneider Modbus Serial Driver then go to Configure
      • Under Configuration tab check the following:
        • COM Port: COM(XX)
        • Baud Rate - 19200
        • Stop Bits - 1 Bit
        • Parity - Even
        • Mode (Data Bits) - 8 Bits
  • In SoMove:
    • look at the Advanced Settings for Modbus Serial to confirm the correct Com port is selected and that the Baud Rate, Parity, Stop bits and Mode match the settings in the drive or softstart:d
      • Default settings for the ATV drives and the ATS480 softstart will be 19200 baud, RTU (8 bits) 1 Stop bit, Even parity.
      • Default settings for ATS22 and ATS48 are 19200, 8 bits, No parity, 1 stop bit.
      • NOTE: Changes to the HMI or keypad port settings from default will result in loss of communication with the keypad.  Use caution before changing from default.
      • If you are uncertain what the current settings are, check the Auto-Adaptation box, but be aware this can make the scan take longer.
      • Click Apply if changes were made.
      • Click OK to close the Advanced Settings and then click Scan Network to search for connected devices.

Using Ethernet to connect to SoMove:
  • On Drive
    • Check wiring
      • Use standard Ethernet cable not the USB cable and not a Cross over cable.
      • Make sure the cable is plugged into an Ethernet port, not the HMI port or the Modbus port.
  • It is possible to Scan for ATV600, ATV900 and ATV340 drives (additional products may be added in the future) using Modbus IPV6.d
    • This option is only available on devices that are IPV6 compatible AND that do not have User Authentication enabled (Cybersecurity).  Check the Programming manuals for details on how to enable or disable this (enabled by default in newer firmware versions).
    • Firewall and other IT settings may prevent this from working.
  • To connect using Modbus TCP the drive must have an IPV4 address and a Subnet entered.  To connect via Ethernet IP or Profinet an IP address and Subnet have to be entered.  To connect through an ethernet to Modbus bridge the device will require the Modbus network address to be something other than 0 (or OFF).
    • Some drives have built in (Embedded) Ethernet ports.  Others will require an option card.  The Embedded port(s) and the option card port(s) have independent settings for their network connections, so be sure to set the proper address.
    • Check Ethernet settings in device (see programming manual or communication manual for details.
      • IP Address
      • Subnet Mask
      • Gateway
      • ModBus network address (if using Ethernet/IP or Profinet)
    • Power cycle drive when any Ethernet changes are made
  • In SoMove
    • Check Ethernet Settings in SoMove
      • For Modbus TCP, open the Advanced Settings window and enter the IP address for the device, leaving the Scan Type at Single.
      • If multiple devices are connected to the same network there is an option for a Range of IP addresses or to select All.  A larger range will take longer to show scan results, and All will also take some time.  Here's an example showing a range of 20 possible IP addresses:
      • d
      • When selecting Range or All, be sure you know the correct address for the device you are trying to connect with.
      • To connect via Ethernet IP, Profibus , Go to Edit Connection/Scan and click on Remote Gateway and enter the IP address
        • s
        • It is also possible to connect to a device through an Ethernet to Modbus bridge.  To set that up, first set the IP address of the bridge in the Remote Gateway Configuration tab.  Then under the Scan tab and select Multipoint.  Then enter the Modbus address of the device for a Single unit, or select Range or All.s
        • When selecting Range or All, be sure you know the correct address for the device you are trying to connect with.
        • If the Scan Network still results in no devices found, it's possible the PC is not in the same IP range as the device.   Open a command prompt and try to PING the IP address. d
        • If you do not get a proper response you may have a cable issue, a problem with the network router (if connecting through a network) or with the IP address/subnet mask of the PC.  Contact your IT department for assistance.
  • If problems connecting remain, contact support in your country.  Be prepared to provide screenshots of any error messages and of the setup screens to assist in troubleshooting.

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