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What can cause an tune fault TNF on the ATV312 drives?

Published date: 01 June 2020

TNF fault on the ATV312 drives

Product Line:
Altivar ATV312


The tnF [Auto Tuning Fault] is nearly always resolved when you change the tun parameter in the drC menu to No.  
Do not set tun [Auto Tune] to run [Run] (every run command) or Pon [power on]. 
Any AC Drive only needs to be auto-tuned 1 time, if at all, and only on a cold motor, during startup. 
The other options are there for applications where there are issues during startup and you want it to run repeatedly (a few times) while making changes with controls or load that may affect other functions in the drive. 
Can also see tnF if tun is set to run and you're trying to run the AC Drive with no motor to test the drive.

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