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ATV320 When does the heatsink fan turn on?

Published date: 19 May 2020

Customer wants to know when the fan on the ATV320 is supposed to start.

Product Line:
Altivar 320

All models with fans.

Fan was not starting immediatly on a run command.  Customer was concerned there might be a problem

By default, the Heatsink fan on the ATV320 drives will start automatically when the drive thermal state reaches 70%.
The behaviour can be modified by adjusting the Fan Mode parameter setting in the drive.

Use this link to download the latest version of the ATV320 Programming Manual:

The Parameter Fan Mode is found in under the Drive Menu - CONF - Full - DRC and the code is FFM (on the local keypad an M looks like a tall n).
The section describing the Fan Mode parameter states:
The fan starts automatically when the drive thermal state reaches 70% of the maximum thermal state and if the [Fan Mode] (FFM) is set to [Standard] (Std).

Default setting is Standard (Std) but it could be modified to Always (run) or Never (StP).
If set to Always it will run when power is applied to the drive.  
If set to Always, the fan may need to be replaced sooner than the 3-5 years listed in the installation manual.

If set to Never it will never run the fan.
If set to Never the max ambient temp is limited to 40 deg C and the service life of the drive is reduced.  
We do not recommend this selection.

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