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How do you setup a Hand off Auto (HOA) on the ATV320 drive?

Published date: 18 May 2020

Setting up a HOA on the ATV320 drives.

Product Line:
Altivar 320

Applies to all ATV320 drives

HOA functionailty.

To program the drive for auto manual/hand control follow the below steps:

1. Go to Conf -> FULL -> CTL-
2. Set CHCF = SEP
3. Set Fr1 = the speed channel in manual/hand mode (see list below, for full description refer to the programming manual)
AI1 = 0-10V signal
AI2 = -10 +10V signal
AI3 = 0 - 20mA or 4 - 20mA signal
AIUI = the virtual pot on the drive itself
LCC = speed from the remote display
MDB = speed over modbus communication
CAN = speed over CanOpen communication
NET = speed over the communication card inserted (Ethernet IP, modbus TCP, etc..)
4. Set FR2 = the speed channel in auto mode (see list above same as FR1, for full description refer to the programming manual)
5. Set RFC = LIx (replace x with the number of the input you want to use to switch between hand and auto speed reference)
6. Set CD1 = the command channel in manual/hand mode where will the start/stop command come from (see list below)
TER = start stop on the digital inputs of the drive
LCC = start stop from the remote keypad
MDB = command over modbus communication
CAN = command over CanOpen communication
NET = command over the communication card inserted
7. Set CD2 = the command channel in the auto mode (same options as above)
8. Set CCS = the logic input used to switch between hand and auto mode command channel

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