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How do I setup my ATV630 and ATV930  Process drives to connect to Somove using Ethernet?

Published date: 15 May 2020

How do I set up Somove over Ethernet on the Process Drives?

Product Line:
Altivar 630 Process Drives


Customer needs to program/control the drive over a network

Step 1 
Need to find your PC’s Ethernet IP addressing information:
In your Windows search box (in the Start menu if using Windows 7)
Type ‘cmd’ enter - Command Prompt window opens 
Type ‘ipconfig’ and press Enter
Note the IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway of your PC 

Step 2
Power up the ATV630 drive 
Using the HMI (keypad), from the main menu, go to the menu 6 Communication and press OK
Highlight "Comm parameters" and press OK
Scroll down and highlight "Embd Eth Config" and press OK
Set IP Mode Ether. Embd to ‘Fixed’
IP address needs to be the same as your PC except change the last octet to another number not already being used by another machine on your network (ex: your PC= and the drive=
Set the ‘Mask’ to match your PC’s Subnet Mask (ex:
Set the ‘Gateway’ to match your PC’s Default Gateway (ex:

Step 3
Open your SoMove software 
On the left-hand side of the SoMove window click “Edit Connection / Scan”. 
At the top left of the Scan Result window click “Modbus TCP”
At the top right of the Scan Result window click the Advanced Settings button, which looks like a gear
Choose the Scan tab at the top of the Advanced Settings window
Enter your Drive’s IP address leaving the last octet as 0 and enter the last octet digit in the single scan box. 
Example: 192. 168.1.0 
   Scan configuration: Single (checked) = 6
Click Apply and click OK. (You may have to scroll down and to the right to see these)
In the Scan Result window click “Scan Network” in the lower-left-hand corner to scan for the drive 
Once your drive is discovered, double-click on it to begin working with it

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