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Video : How to read the data in the Profibus DP Diagnose Service from STBNDP2212 by PRM?

Published date: 21 April 2020

Profibus slaves has a diagnostic message and STBNDP2212 has 32 bytes with mandatory Profibus DP diagnostic, diagnostic information about the status of the island bus and specific health data

Product Line

Advantys STB, TCSEGPA23F14F (PRM), EcoStruxure Control Expert (formerly known as Unity Pro) 

TCSEGPA23F14F, Unity Pro v13.0, STBNDP2212, Advantys v11

The TCSEGPA23F14F (PRM) is a standalone module designed to provide Profibus DPV0 & DPV1 master capability to the M340, M580, Premium and Quantum ranges. This video will show you how to read/interpret the data on Profibus DP diagnose of a STBNDP2212 and you can use it for the module diagnostic. E.g., read the health of each module of the STBNDP2212.


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