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What can cause a LCF (Line contactor error) on the Altivar Process Drive ATV630 and ATV930?

Published date: 27 February 2020

What is the fault code LCF on the ATV630 and ATV930 drives?

Product Line:
ATV630  ATV930

All serial numbers

Customer said the drive had a fault code LCF.

The fault takes place as soon as the line contactor is not closed after a defined time (LCT).
This function allows the line contactor to close and open depending on the start/stop command.  
Check the line contactor and its' wiring.
Check parameter LCT (Mains Voltage.time out) under Complete setting -> Generic functions -> Mains contactor comm -> Mains V. time out. 
If there is a timing issue, try to increase this value. 
The Mains Voltage time out is factory set to 5s.

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