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Installer fails to create SQL or Windows users during PME 9.0/2020 install

The installer fails to create the SQL or Windows users in Windows even after letting the installer generate a random "complex" password. 

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 9.0
Power Monitoring Expert 2020

PME Installer

If during the installation, the passwords given to create Windows or SQL accounts do not meet the password complexity of the server, the installer fails to create the users during the installation portion of the process. There is no easy way to validate the password ahead of time (IE at the point where they are entering their new password). Currently the PME installer does not check this complexity, and instead proceeds until the account is rejected.

If a weak password(s) was entered during installation and the step to create the users fails then the steps below should be followed:
  1. Skip all failed steps. Do not exit the installer until it completes. Installer will fail multiple time during the configuration stage.
  2. Run the password reset workflow and enter strong passwords.
    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Select "Uninstall Program" or "Programs and features" depending on the view in Control Panel
    3. Select Power Monitoring Expert and click the "Change" button or right click on Power monitoring expert and select "Change" from the options
    4. Click on "Reset Accounts" and follow the prompts to set the Windows and SQL passwords to desired value
  3. Run reconfiguration and your system should be healthy

If a weak password(s) is entered during the password reset workflow then follow the steps below:
  1. Installer will fail during reset action
  2. Re-run the reset workflow and enter strong password(s)

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