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What can cause the HMIG5U2 to display a Memory Low error in Windows?

Published date: 04 September 2020

Over a period of time, the HMIG5U2 wiill show a Memory Low error in Windows. Why does this occur?

Product Line:

When the Memory Low error appears in Windows, this means that the DRAM is reaching 90% or higher in usage. A typical reason of such high memory usage can be the fact that the Microsoft Security Essentials trying to update its virus definitions. Overtime, this software will keep attempting to update and continually drive up DRAM usage. To stop this from occurring, it is best to uninstallt he Microsoft Security Essentials and use the Windows Defender that comes standard with the Windows Operating System.

Another situation where this error could appear is if the EWF (Enhanced Write Filter) is enabled for C:\ and there are programs or applications writing data to the C:\. The EWF protects the C:\ from any modificiations while it is enabled. Behind the scenes, any writes to the C:\ are actually stored in an overlay buffer in DRAM. As you can imagine, DRAM is limited and if the amount of data that is expected to be written to C:\ exceeds the total amount of DRAM available, the Memory Low error will appear. In general, a short term solution to avoid this Memory Low error is to disable the EWF. Please see this FAQ on how to disable the EWF: 
This will temporarily buy you time to figure out what is constantly trying to make changes to the C:\. Generally it can be Windows Updates, Virus definition updates, software updates, and etc. It is important to turn these off to avoid this issue when EWF is enabled again.


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